Billing Services

With Medisum managing your billing, all of your activity will be invoiced and the most appropriate fee will be charged in accordance with the related insurance company fee schedule.

A disciplined approach to invoicing and collection of fees will be applied to guarantee a regular income.

The main billing services include:

  • Writing to insurance companies notifying of new billing arrangements
  • Submitting accurate and detailed invoices on receipt of patient lists
  • Collecting and banking cheque payments
  • Receiving provider statements from insurance companies and reconciling against invoices raised
  • Arranging BACS payments into doctors private practice account
  • Writing to patients for insurance excesses/shortfalls
  • Chasing outstanding payments/debtors
  • Reconciling Choose & Book lists against payments received and liaising with providers regarding underpayments
  • Reconciling medico-legal remittances against invoices raised

Bookkeeping services

  • Providing detailed monthly spreadsheets of invoices raised/paid and outstanding
  • Documenting all tax deductible practice expenses to assist accountant in annual tax calculations
  • Retaining copies of invoices, receipts and provider statements
  • Provision of accounts information to accountant for preparation of annual accounts and tax returns
  • Provision of individual quality/clear invoice template to expedite payment
  • Analysis of of aged debt to identify potential for recovery and chasing of recoverable aged debt

Other services

  • Organising provider registration with insurance companies
  • Dealing with professional bodies to set up/make changes to subscriptions
  • Assistance with Inland Revenue inspections